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The Evolution of Torrens: From a Startup to a Global Leader in Education

Torrens University started as a small start-up in Australia in 2012 and has since blossomed into a global higher education provider. The evolution of Torrens has been an interesting journey of growth, differentiation, and expansion. Torrens has had a significant impact on the way education is delivered and consumed globally.

The Torrens journey started with the acquisition of Billy Blue College of Design in Sydney, followed by the acquisition of Blue Mountains International Hotel Management School. These acquisitions laid the foundation of Torrens and offered a range of courses that were co-created with industry leaders and focused on delivering practical and market-driven education. Torrens developed a reputation for delivering hands-on learning, fueled by industry partnerships and access to cutting-edge technology and resources. This allowed Torrens to cater to a growing student market who demanded practical education that was high-quality, topical, and relevant to the real world.

Torrens’ innovative approach to learning soon caught the attention of a global audience. In 2015, Torrens opened its first international campus in Auckland, New Zealand, marking the start of a rapid global expansion. Torrens soon expanded into Asia, with campuses in Hong Kong, Singapore, and Malaysia, followed by a new campus in Italy in 2017. This expansion allowed Torrens to provide its unique approach to education to a broader range of students around the world, further solidifying its reputation as a global leader in education.

In 2016, Torrens became a part of the Laureate Education Group, one of the largest education providers globally. This opened new doors for Torrens in terms of collaborations, partnerships, and support across the Laureate network. Torrens started to introduce new courses in collaboration with Laureate partners, including a range of innovative courses in areas such as digital media, sports management, and entrepreneurship. This partnership has provided even more opportunities for students to access cutting-edge education that’s in line with industry needs.

Today, Torrens offers over 200 courses across its campuses, focusing on areas such as business, health, design, and hospitality. Its unique blend of real-world, industry-focused learning, and access to industry partners has given its graduates better career prospects across multiple industries. Torrens has also developed a reputation for nurturing entrepreneurial spirit, preparing students with the skills and creativity necessary to excel in the fast-paced digital world.

The evolution of Torrens has been a remarkable journey of growth, innovation, and expansion. Torrens’ ability to differentiate itself by providing industry-relevant education, partnered with industry-focused solutions has made it a global leader in education. The Torrens story is an excellent example of how a start-up can have a profound and lasting impact on the way we learn, and the way educators and industry partner to co-create learning experiences.

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