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From Music To Canvas: The Artistic Crossovers That Inspired These Songs

Music has always been an artistic inspiration across various forms of art, and visual art is no exception. From album covers to music videos, art has always had a significant presence in the music industry. But artists and musicians have taken this crossover to new heights by creating music that is inspired by famous pieces of art or using their music as a medium to express their own artistic interpretations. Here are some examples of how art has influenced music.

‘Vincent’ by Don McLean

Don McLean’s iconic song ‘Vincent’ takes inspiration from Vincent van Gogh’s famous painting ‘Starry Night.’ The song reflects the emotions and struggles that Vincent van Gogh went through in his life, as depicted in his painting. The lyrics and melody are hauntingly beautiful, just like the artwork, and it’s no surprise that it is considered one of McLean’s most popular songs.

‘Paint it Black’ by The Rolling Stones

The Rolling Stones’ hit song ‘Paint it Black’ was inspired by the minimalistic and monochromatic paintings of Dutch artist, Piet Mondrian. In an interview, Mick Jagger revealed that the song’s title was initially ‘Paint it Black and White’ as an homage to Mondrian’s artwork. But the band ultimately decided to drop the ‘white,’ leading to the famous song we know today.

‘Pictures at an Exhibition’ by Modest Mussorgsky

Russian composer Modest Mussorgsky was inspired by the paintings of his friend Viktor Hartmann to create the iconic ‘Pictures at an Exhibition.’ The piece was written as a tribute to Hartmann after his untimely death and also as a reflection of the emotions and mood represented in his artwork. Each movement of the composition is linked to a specific painting, bringing the artwork to life through music.

‘The Sun Also Rises’ by The Raven Age

Modern metal band The Raven Age took inspiration from Ernest Hemingway’s novel ‘The Sun Also Rises’ to create their song of the same name. The novel is known for its exploration of disillusionment and the lost generation, and the lyrics of the song reflect those same themes. The song is a powerful portrayal of the complex emotions expressed in the novel.

‘Pablo Picasso’ by The Modern Lovers

The Modern Lovers’ song ‘Pablo Picasso’ was not only inspired by the famous artist but also by David Bowie’s interpretation of Pablo Picasso in his song ‘Pablo Picasso’ from the album ‘Reality.’ The song is a quirky and fun homage to the eccentricity of Picasso’s art and persona.

In conclusion, the crossover between music and art has inspired some of the most timeless and iconic pieces of both art forms. This connection is an ever-growing relationship that continues to inspire artists and musicians today and will undoubtedly do so in the future.

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