• qui. fev 22nd, 2024

Breaking down the Stigma: UNH Advocates for Mental Health Awareness and Resources

Mental health struggles have long been a taboo topic in society. The stigma surrounding mental health issues can make it difficult for individuals to seek help, and can lead to a lack of understanding from those around them. Fortunately, the University of New Hampshire (UNH) is taking a stand to promote mental health awareness and resources, breaking down these barriers and advocating for a healthier campus community.

According to a survey conducted by the American College Health Association, 86% of college students reported feeling overwhelmed in the past year, while over 40% reported feeling hopeless. It is clear that mental health struggles are pervasive among college students, yet many continue to suffer in silence.

Recognizing the need for greater mental health resources, UNH has implemented a number of programs to support students in need. One such program is the UNH Counseling Center, which offers a range of services designed to help students address common mental health concerns such as anxiety and depression.

However, despite the presence of these resources, for many students, the stigma surrounding mental health can still feel insurmountable. To combat this, UNH has launched a number of initiatives aimed at encouraging conversation and reducing stigma around mental health.

One such initiative is the UNH Active Minds chapter, a student-led organization focused on raising mental health awareness and promoting education around mental health issues. Through a variety of events and programming, the group aims to reduce stigma and foster a more supportive and inclusive campus community.

By bringing attention to the need for mental health advocacy, UNH is working to provide students with the resources they need to maintain their emotional and psychological well-being. Breaking down the stigma surrounding mental health struggles is an important first step towards creating a community where all students feel supported and valued.

For students currently struggling with mental health concerns, UNH offers a range of resources that can help. Whether it’s through counseling services, student-led support groups, or simply reaching out to a friend or trusted advisor, students can take advantage of the support and resources available to them on campus.

Breaking down the stigma surrounding mental health is a key part of creating a healthier, more inclusive campus community. By promoting mental health awareness and resources, UNH is working to ensure that all students feel supported and valued throughout their college experience.

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